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Decade years of experience in auto body collision repair system design and manufacture, keeping up with CELETTE and CAR O LINER. Export to 29 countries.

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Supply solutions to 4s workshop of GM,Ford,BMW,BENZ,AUDI,Mazda,Chrysler,Peugeot,Citroen,Volkswagen,Toyota,Nissan,Honda, Subaru,SSANG YONG,Saab,Opel

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Looking for auto body repair equipments & tools? You're in the right place!

Wege Auto Body Repair Equipment Co., LTD has 12 years experience in the body repair equipment design and manufacture, no matter what size your body shop is, you can get a complete solution here to maximize your work shop repair capabilities and quality, enhance your bodyshop output and increase customers satisfaction. 

Here you can find most versatile auto body frame repair bench or frame rack that can help you repair any collision damaged vehicles that enters your workshop, from slight cosmetic work to full-frame repairs. Because no two auto repair shops is exactly the same, here you not only find a large supply of automotive body frame machines, straightening systems for heavy duty vehicles, lifting system, hydraulic systems, but also body repair tools and accessories for any type of unibody or full frame vehicles, from small cars to light trucks, vans, SUVs, heavy duty vehicles. 

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How to use auto body frame machine?

When frame machine lifting system works, it is strictly forbidden to stand near the equipment. When the vehicle is loaded and unloaded, someone must be near to it to instruct. The vehicle should be parked at the designated position of the platform.

What’s frame machine?

Frame machine is equipment used for auto collision body straightening and repair. The damaged body or chassis or frame can be can pulled and straightened to restore to its original specifications.

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