Floor Straightening System with Frame Rack

Name:Floor Straightening System with Frame Rack
Lifting frame rack:
pulling tower:
anchoring system:
sill clamp:
hydraulic system:
pulling chains:
tool board:

  • Floor Straightening System with Frame Rack

Product Description

Flooring straightening system combined with frame rack, Floor straightening system full rack

The floor straightening system full rack for collision car frame or chassis pulling,take less space than frame rack machine.

  • Combining the flooring system and frame rack, composed of floor rail, fame machine and pulling system.

  • The frame rack lifting height 120-1600mm, powerful and reliable, offering platform for damaged automotives chassis diagnosis and repair.

  • CELLETE anchoring clamp can hold vehicle stationary. Clamp height adjustable

  • High strength alloy steel rail, 4500×7000mm, simple installation,

  • The draw aligner can work at 360°for straightening and alignment, 10 Ton hydraulic ram and 10 Ton hydraulic pump keeping powerful and efficiency.

  • Inducing the time of loading and unloading and vehicle anchoring time, improve your workshop job efficiency,.

  • Comparing with special frame rack machine, it takes less space 

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