Self Piercing Rivet Gun

Name:Self Piercing Rivet Gun

  • Self Piercing Rivet Gun

Product Description

Electric Rechargeable Self-piercing Rivet Gun

So far new energy vehicles comes to the stage and are becoming more and more prevailing at the market. Moreover, more and more automotive manufacturers pursue the lightweight of auto body. The wide application of new aluminum alloys on the car body will be a historical necessity. Riveting technique will be used more for automotive assembly. Our Rivet Gun is born with the trend. It is a special aluminum body riveting tools.

Benefits and features:

  1. Rivet gun set includes rivet gun, rotating arm, riveting die, battery, charger, tool box.

    piercing rivet gun.jpg

2. 18V rechargeable lithium battery, long life, charging time 25 minutes work 200~300 times

rechargable rivet gun.jpg

3. Pressure 3~6T adjustable, suitable for different riveting requirements, ensuring no damage to the car body

rivet gun.jpg

4. Automatic pressure relief function ensures accurate output

 rivet gun 2.jpg

5. Rich riveting dies options

 rivet gun dies.jpg

6. Various types of rivets available

 gun rivets.jpg

7. 360° rotating arm ensure flexible operation in any working position.

 riveting gun.jpg

8. Self-piercing riveting, stable pressure control, thousands of experiments to ensure perfect riveting

 riveting gun 2.jpg

Rivet Gun Application:

1. Rivets removing: the original rivets on auto body needs removing, the rivet gun can move rivets easily with one Click.

 rivet gun application.jpg

2. Remaining removing: After the original rivet is removed, the remaining burrs need to be removed; the rivet gun can do it quickly.

 riveting gun use.jpg

3. Pre-piercing operation: After new parts replacement, advanced pre-piercing operations are required according to the car manufacturer's service manual.

 piercing rivet gun 2.jpg

4. Self-piercing riveting: select correct SPR rivets and dies as per car manual for riveting job

 piercing rivet gun 3.jpg

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