Lifting Deck Frame Rack

Name:Lifting Deck Frame Rack
Frame rack size:5775mm×2260mm×(300-1050)mm
The deck steel plate thickness (16Mn)mm:≥8
Draw aligner diameter:160mm
Draw aligner height:2000mm
Draw aligner capacity:257mm
Draw aligner rotation:360°
Hydraulic pressure max:70Mpa(10000PSI)
Draw aligner hydraulic thrust max:100KN
Draw aligner beam length:1450mm
Drawing chain diameter:Φ12
Anchoring clamp capacity:25KN/M
Electro-hydraulic pump power:2.2kw
Lifting weight max:4500kg

  • Lifting Deck Frame Rack

Product Description

    Auto Body Frame Machine/ Tilt & Lifting Frame Rack


  • The auto body frame machine works on the electro-hydraulic control system. The frame rack is tilted vertically and lifted freely. The pulling tower is independently controlled with hand wire switch.  

  • The auto body frame machine k dimension 5775×2260×300-1050mm, the gridded deck made of Q345 manganese steel integral plate can be single side tilted and vertical lifting is convenient to align overall damage within the entire structure of a framed vehicle. The gridded deck ensure quick and visually holding.

  • The patented lifting mechanism of frame rack operation is simple and safe for damaged vehicles drive on and off. 25MT capacity lifting ram permits strong power for the frame rack.

  • The rigid Q345 manganese steel drawing aligner is safe and reliable. Φ160×2000mm drawing aligner post can straighten and align the collision auto body frame of SUV, MPV and pickup trucks, CMB, and light trucks besides family cars.

  • 360 degree swivel drawing aligner post can rotate along the bench platform sides. .

  • The rigid 35CrMo alloy steel jaw vice  can anchor and hold the car chassis or unibody frame with the bench tightly.

  • The anchoring clamp offers height adjustment with height indication to meet the height of chassis of different vehicles.

  • The anchoring clamp is bolted onto the bench platform quickly and safely. The bolt rigidness is 10.9 level.

  • 35CrMo alloy steel forging drawing aligner clamp can hold and anchor the deformed auto body frame for any straightening and alignment.

  • 8620 alloy steel G80 chain and gravity rotary hook are easy operation for workshop. The pulling chain drive adopts ratchet transmission, ensuring small friction and strong power for drawing aligner.

  • The moving tool board with four casters helps auto workshop collect frame machines accessories.

  • Designed with compatibility of intelligent electronics and laser measuring systems.

  • The auto body frame machine is designed with Solidworks 3D stimulation software and mechanical force analysis is made with COSMOSXPRESS software. The loading capacity test is made after assembly completed.

  • The auto body frame rack machine fulfill the body frame straightening and alignment of executive cars, SUV off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, MPV commercial vehicles.

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