Full Rise Car Scissor Lift

Name:Full Rise Car Scissor Lift

  • Full Rise Car Scissor Lift

Product Description

Full rise car Scissor lift

This scissor lift is one full rise lift for car lifting at your workshop, the lifting capacity is 3000kg, and lifting height is 2130mm.

1. in ground mounting scissor lift, save your workshop space

2. equipped with control cabinet

3. if emergency power off, the manual lowering system can keep lift down

4. With hydraulic lock and mechanical double safety claw dial safety device, it is safe and reliable.

5. With hydraulic failure and overload safety valve protection and throttle device, the vehicle will not fall down rapidly when the oil tubing bursts.

6. the lifing table length adjustable to meet vehicle size

7. CE certified

Note: if your workshop want to buy one scissor lift that can be matched with puller post to be upgraded to be one frame machine, please visit Scissor Frame Rack.

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