Hydraulic ram pump for auto body frame machine

Name:Hydraulic ram pump for auto body frame machine

  • Hydraulic ram pump for auto body frame machine

Product Description

Hydraulic set ram and pump for auto body frame machine

The hydraulic set consists of high pressure hydraulic hose, hydraulic ram, hydraulic pump, connectors and valves, pressure gauge. It is an important accessory for auto body frame straightening machine.

1. Hydraulic pump

  •   As a variety of pressure tools power source

  •   Built-in safety valve avoiding damage resulting from excessive pressure

  •   Engineering plastics, aluminum or steel cabinets available

  •   Painted surface is corrosion resistant and aesthetically good-looking

Hydraulic ram

  •   Outer ring threads, plunger threads and bottom mounting holes make positioning easy.

  •   Removable handle for easy fixing

  •   High tensile strength alloy steel is durable

  •   High strength return spring

  •   Corrosion resistant painting surface

  •   Dust-proof seals reduce contamination and extend the life of the cylinder

  •   Applying force to the pulling chains of auto repair benches and frame racks 


  •   3/8’’ connectors

  •     Standard connectors for majority of hydraulic ram

  •   Dust-proof connectors cap included

  •   For small size hydraulic ram and hand pump

Pressure gauge

  •    Bar and KN dual-scale display system

  •   All pressure sensing components are sealed with silicone oil for durability

  •   Gauge display diameter 100mm, clear for reading

  •   Gauge structure is anti-corrosion stainless steel structure

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