Frame Machine Chains & Hooks

Name:Frame Machine Chains & Hooks

  • Frame Machine Chains & Hooks

Product Description

series of frame machine parts and accessories like chains,hooks,pull clamp,brackets,draw bar,mannual vacuum sucker,sling,safety rope.

DC-G6700Super Jumbo Deep Hook Set
DC-G24003MA Multi-adapter Plate
DC-G4075Angle Bite Clamp
DC-G62503/8" Alloy Clevis Slip Hook
DC-G6410Jumbo Deep Hook Set
DC-G2450Boltless  Strut Tower Puller
DC-G4110Single Claw Hook
DC-G62553/8" Super Alloy Clevis Slip Hook
DC-G6710Hang Deep Hook Set

DC-G4120Double Claw Hook
DC-G5616Door Post Puller/Twister
DC-G6720Hole-style Deep Hook Set
DC-G3081Anchor pot
DC-G4145Double Grab Hook Assembly
DC-G5617Pull Plate with Slots
DC-G6730Lip Grip Deep Hook Set
DC-G3130Big Flat Nose Hook
DC-G4146Grab/Slip Combo
DC-G5622Tower Chain
DC-G1100Handy Link

DC-G3140Big Round Nose Hook
DC-G4150Double Looper Hook
DC-G5623Hinge Plate
DC-G1200Twin Pull

DC-G4020Four-way Pull Clamp
DC-G4151Grab Hook & Single Claw
DC-G5810Down Pulley Assembly
DC-G1650Double-Eye Chain Hook
DC-G4030Three-way Pull Clamp
DC-G4152Two Single Claws
DC-G5811Block Pulley Adapter
DC-G1700Chain Locking Fork
DC-G4035Angle Bracke
DC-G5025Tool Board
DC-G5815Down Pulley/Snap Block Assembly
DC-G6350Cable Sling
DC-G4051Eye type Nut 5/8'' thread
DC-G6313T-J Hook
DC-G6200Super Chain Hook
DC-G6340Safety Rope
DC-G6314T-J Hook with Grab Hook
DC-G62705/16" Alloy Clevis Grab Hook
DC-G6300Nylon Sling
DC-G4054Screw Pin Shackle w/triangle
DC-G6317"J" Hook
DC-G62203/8" Super Alloy Clevis Grab Hook
DC-G630230" Sling W/Pear and Triangle
DC-G40441/2”Screw Pin Shackle
DC-G6318"J" Hook with Grab Hook
DC-G62305/16" Alloy Clevis Grab Hook
DC-G630360" Sling W/Sewn Loops
DC-G6305GM "R" Hook3/8"10mm) Chain
DC-G6322Chain with Grab Hook
DC-G62355/16" Super Alloy Clevis Grab Hook
DC-G630760"Securing Sling with Snap Rings
DC-G6306GM "R" Hook with Grab Hook
DC-SD-1Mannual vacuum Sucker
M-3Measuring Instrument
DC-G40557/16“Screw Pin Shackle
DC-G6311Ford "T" Hook 3/8" Chain
DC-QD-3Mannual Vaccu Sucker Double Head
DC-G2005Hydraulic lifting for auto body frame machine
DC-G40595/8"Screw Pin Shackle
DC-G6312Ford "T" Hook with Hook Chain
DC-EJ-2Air Bag Jack (2 bags)
DC-G4047Frame Rack Draw Bar with Shackle and Oval Loop
DC-G6600Chain Locker
DC-YD-5Heavy Duty Dolly
DC-EJ-3Air Bag Jacks
3 bags

DC-G4048Holey Wide Draw Bar
DC-G6084Chain 4#(8mm, 1m length with claw hook)
DC-SL-2Mannual Winch
DC-DL-6Electric Winch 6000lbs
DC-G4056Narrow Draw Bar with Single Claw
DC-D2320Body Slide Hammer Kit

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