Scissor Lift Frame Machine

Name:Scissor Lift Frame Machine
Lifting table length:3140mm
Lifting table width:880mm
Lifting table height:120-1600mm
Pulling tower angle capacity:360 degree
Hydraulic system capacity:70Mpa (10000PSI)
Pulling tower capacity:100KN
Air pressure range:0.5-0.8Mpa
Lifting capacity:2500kg
Machine total weight:1600kg

  • Scissor Lift Frame Machine

Product Description

Auto Body Scissor Frame Rack with puller/scissor lift frame machine

The frame rack systems can act as scissor lift for daily auto repair, adding pulling towers for body or frame straightening, in-ground, or above ground installation.

  • The frame rack lifting max height is 1600mm, the distance between car chassis and ground is 1900mm max. Can be used for chassis repair working as a scissor lift. The technicians can work at a comfortable height.

  • Frame rack can fall down to 120mm, keeping damaged vehicle drive on or roll over the rach machine easily.

  • The frame rack is made of high tensile strength alloy steel, anchoring and holding the clamping fixtures stationary.

  • The pulling tower offers 100KN and 360 degree multi-angle pulling capacity.

  • Universal clamping fixtures (CELLETE) is safe and reliable for vehicle positioning and anchoring.

  • Handle most types of auto sheet metal damage and cosmetic damage repair.

  • High tensile strength pulling chains keep pulling safe and long life.

  • Anchoring and pulling accessories board to avoid tools loss.

  • Perfect combination of scissor lift and frame straightener.

  • The straightening frame rack allows body collision repair of all cars, SUV,crossovers, MPVs, light commercial vehicles., as well as chassis repairs.

  • Flexible installation: fixed, mobile, and pit mountings for all workshop sizes and requirement.

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