Drive-on Chassis Straightening Benches

Name:Drive-on Chassis Straightening Benches
Bench length:5000-5990mm
Bench width:1180-2380mm
Bench height:380-1200mm
Pulling tower swivel capacity:360 degree
Hydraulic system capacity:70Mpa (10000PSI)
Pulling tower capacity:100KN
Air pressure range:0.5-0.8Mpa
Lifting weight max:4000kg
Equipment total weight:2500kg

  • Drive-on Chassis Straightening Benches

Product Description

Drive on Benches (Chassis straightening benches)

Combining with one set of drive-on ramps, all vehicles can drive onto the bench easily and fast for body and chassis straightening. The straightening bench is ideal for repairing cars of all sizes, commercial vehicles, pickup, MPVs.

  • The hydraulic system for pulling tower is imported from United States, it is powerful, reliable and long lift. It is compatible with Car-o-liner auto body frame machine.

  • Built-in scissor lifts ensures the bench lifting capacity upto 4000kg. Ideal for high end automobile body repairs, like BMW, Benz, it is compatible with Car-o-liner brand.

  • The bench frame height adjustable from 380mm to 1200m, convenient for car chassis repair.

  • Flexible drive-on benches ensures all vehicle loading and unloading fast and efficiently

  • Universal anchoring clamp is compatible with Car-o-liner anchoring system.

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