Mobile Frame Machine on wheels

Name:Mobile Frame Machine on wheels
frame rack length:4340mm
frame rack width:1115mm
frame rack height:514mm
Pulling tower swivel capacity:360 degree
Hydraulic system capacity:70Mpa (10000PSI)
Pulling tower capacity:100KN
Air pressure range:0.5-0.8Mpa
Machine total weight:1600kg

  • Mobile Frame Machine on wheels

Product Description

Mobile vehicle frame rack/mobile bench on wheels/mobile frame machine

  • The bench allows to position under Two-post Lift for loading and move easily between work bays.

  • The straightening bench is controlled with hydraulic system, it can be moved with 4 pivoting castors, easily move between work bays.The frame bench can do car chassis straightening of Audi, BMW and Benz.

  • The high tensile strength drawing aligner can make pulling and straightening in various directions.

  • Universal clamping fixtures can position and hold vehicles securely preventing the clamp moving during pulling and aligning.

  • Cross beam optional for fixing, 76 standard fixing holes.

  • Designed for compatibility with intelligent, laser measuring system.

  • The car bench frame machine allows for the auto frame repair of executive cars, SUV, pickups, MPV commercial cars.

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