How to use auto body frame machine?

How to use auto body frame machine?

How to use auto body frame machine?

Before straightening, protection on inside and outside the auto body parts such as seats, gauges, and car mats, should be performed. Remove the outer parts of the auto body and protect the body with cotton cloth to prevent scratches. If the surface of the paint is scratched, it must be repaired to prevent rust.

After the vehicle body straightening and repair is completed, the final inspection shall be carried out in time, which is divided into 2 cases: First, when the fixture is not used, The inspection shall be carried out in two cases: when the fixture is not repaired, the final measurement inspection shall be made and compared with the body and frame size as car manual to check whether it meets the original specifications. Second, repairs on the fixture system, measurement inspection is not required. Just determine that the body control point matches the fixture.

For frame machine use, you need to pay attention as follows:

Wear work clothes and gloves when entering the work area; do not wear slippers or high heels.

Pre-operation inspection

1.The frame machine benches and racks and its surrounding area should not be stacked with debris, and the oil and gas pipelines should be cleaned to prevent the pipeline from being squeezed during operation;

2. Check whether the joints of the oil and gas pipelines are well connected, and whether the pipelines are damaged. If there is any damage, replace them in time. It is strictly forbidden to use them again.

3. Check if the pulling tower rolling pulley fixing bolt is loose, and it must be tightened in time to avoid the pulling tower slipping and causing damage to personnel.

Damaged Vehicles loading and unloading operation procedures

1.When frame machine lifting system works, it is strictly forbidden to stand near the equipment. When the vehicle is loaded and unloaded, someone must be near to it to instruct. The vehicle should be parked at the designated position of the platform.

2.When the bench lifts and falls, it should be operated smoothly. When the platform wheel and leg cylinder has no throttle valve, it is forbidden to fully open the oil pump pressure relief valve.

3.When the platform lifts and falls, the pulling post is fixed at the other end of the platform to prevent sliding; the secondary lift is placed on the side close to the movable leg.

4.The vehicle braking system ensured well on the platform and the front and rear of the tires should be braked with triangular wooden chocks.

5.The beam of the frame machine must be locked after the platform is raised.

Vehicle positioning procedures

1.Check the jaws before clamping, no oil, debris

2.Check whether there are deformations or cracks in all parts of the clamp. Replacement is required if there is, it will prevent the breakage from flying and hurting people.

3.The sill clamp fixing bolt and the jaw fastening bolt should be fully tightened

Measuring procedures

4.The measuring tool should be handled with care and should not be bumped to prevent deformation and damage of the measuring instrument;

5.When measuring reading reads, the glasses are parallel to the reading position, reducing the reading error;

6.After the measurement is completed, the measuring tool should be immediately returned to the original position of the tool board cart.

7.After the measuring tool is fixed and the connecting screw is loose, retighten it and do not use too much force.

Straightening procedures

1.Before straightening, check whether the chain, auto body tool and pull ring are intact, and there is no damage, crack, or large scratch.

2.When pulling and straightening, the pulling tower bolts should be tightened, and the height of the guide ring should not exceed the warning red line.

3.Check the chain and locking mechanism, the chain can not be twisted, all the links are in a straight line; the guide ring hand wheel is unscrewed.

4.When pulling, pay attention to the tensile force not exceeding the rated load of the tool.

5.Do not strike the auto body tool and chain when pulling.

6.When pulling, the relevant personnel should not be on the same line as the direction of the chain force.

7.When the tensile force is relatively large, the vehicle should be fixed on the platform with a chain on the opposite side of the pulling force.

8. After straightening repair completed, clean up the site, auto body tools, measuring tools, fixtures, etc., and wipe them clean and place them neatly and orderly on the tool board cart.

9.If the spare parts are damaged or the hydraulic system is faulty, it is forbidden to open and repair by yourself to avoid damage or loss of accessories, resulting in irreparable results. It is forbidden to adjust the oil pump relief valve privately.

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