What’s frame machine?

What’s frame machine?

Frame machine is equipment used for auto collision body straightening and repair. The damaged body or chassis or frame can be can pulled and straightened to restore to its original specifications. It is an essential equipment for the automobile repair work shop. For the time being, the frame machine can be divided into 2 types: benches and frame racks, or you can say American frame machine and European frame machine. European frame machine features straightening and pulling of various parts through 180 degree bending of the pulling post and movement along the racks freely. American frame machine features a big lifting platform. The car chassis disassembly and repair can be handled through lifting platform. The pulling tower is controlled by one powerful hydraulic system.

Frame machine is composed of 4 parts.

1. Platform or rack

It is where the collision automobile positioned. The platform or rack can lift and fall for cars loading and unloading easily.

2. Pulling Tower

One frame machine is often equipped with 2 pulling towers, which can swivel 360 degree and move along the bench perimeter freely for pulling and straightening.

3. Power System

Pneumatic system and hydraulic system are available. Generally hydraulic system is prevailing. It consists of hydraulic ram, pump, connectors etc.

4. Anchoring clamps

For different parts of auto body repair, different anchoring clamps are required for positioned and clamped to finish straightening repair.

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