WEGE Heavy Duty Straightening System at Mercedes work shop

WEGE Heavy Duty Straightening System at Mercedes work shop

WEGE Heavy Duty Straightening System Installed and worked at Mercedes work shop

In order to meet the ever-increasing maintenance and repair requirements of heavy-duty vehicles such as commercial vehicles and trucks, and to achieve a high-standard maintenance method for truly damaging heavy duty vehicles, Wege Auto Body Repair Equipment Co., LTD continues keeping the production standards of the industry's auto body frame straightening bench equipment, and we are proud to witness that our heavy duty straightening systems for trucks installed at Mercedes Benz work shop, more importantly, the heavy duty floor straightening system equipment gets highly appraised by Mercedes Benz. 

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The heavy duty floor straightening system manufactured by Wege Auto Body Repair Equipment consists of:

Modular floor frame

Frame press

Cab bench

Cab tower

Part 1 floor beam solution for Frame and cab straightening

1.1 In-floor frame rail(Construction to be built by customer)

Function: To be able to use frame press and straightening equipment as well as high reach pulling towers, the workshop needs floor beams installed to transfer the required force onto the object/vehicle.

The floor beams are to be casted in the workshop floor. This gives the advantages of a flexible work area, easy to get the vehicle onto the workplace, as well as level floor and ergonomic work heights. A local construction company normally handles the production and installation of such floor beams. It saves both time and money.

Part 2 Frame Press

2.1 Frame press—System Description

This straightening set covers the demanding needs to correct a truck chassis. The set can of course be upgraded to increase efficiency and functionality to be able to straighten both trailers but also cabs and buses.

The set consists of three 20 ton press/pull trolley with all brackets which allow both pressing and pulling all in high strength steel to perform side sway correction. Two flex foot kits together with the anchoring enable you to correct vertical bends and chassis twist, while the 40 ton and 10 ton

To power the system one hydraulic remote controlled pump with 4 outlets as well as one high flow foot pump are included to maneuver multiple hydraulic units at the same time.

Choose this set when frame straightening is to be performed full time in a dedicated bay.

2.2 Frame Press - Induction Heater

For frame straightening it is highly recommended to use heat to release strain and tension in the frame components. The induction heater allows you to concentrate the heat into the required area instead of a gas flame heating a big area.

2.3 Frame Press - Hydraulic C Clamp

C-clamp kits as well as the 20 ton and 10 ton hydraulic kits help you to correct local deformations

2.4 Frame Press- 40 ton C-clamp set for riveting and straightening

Part 3 Cab Bench - straightening and repairing damaged truck cabs

 3.1 Cab bench. The cab bench is a strong and stable aligning jig which simplifies cab repair. Moveable mounting points make it easier to mount even severely damaged cabs. The base of the cab is pushed and pulled hydraulically into its correct position.

Adapter sets are available for sixty different cab models manufactured by MERCEDES, VOLVO, SCANIA, HINO , RENAULT, MAN, IVECO, DAF, FORD  and more.

Our straightening trolleys are equipped with extended high-reach beams, stays and other special accessories and assist in straightening and repairing the cab’s vertical frame members and roof section.

Our cab bench consists of a rigid base which is anchored to I-beams embedded in the workshop floor or floor anchoring drilled into an existing floor. The cab floor structure is then hydraulically straightened with moveable 10 ton cylinders located within the bench.

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3.2 Cab Tower - damage repair of higher vehicles and cabs

In order to straighten higher vehicle units and bodies we can extend the existing frame press equipment with towers. In other words, the press and counterstay trolleys normally used in frame straightening become the base for the cab towers used in cab and bus repair etc.

Our straightening system supplies two versions of “cab tower” depending on what kind of floor installation the customer has chosen. Floor anchoring or I-beam attachment No matter which alternative is chosen, our cab tower can be utilized for many different repair jobs, thanks to its versatility. Here, for instance, a straightening job with advanced vector pulling is performed at 3-4 meters’ height.

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