Rail Floor Straightening System

Name:Rail Floor Straightening System
Modular rails:
Pulling tower:
Pulling chains:
Anchoring system:
Sill clamp:
Hydraulic sets:

  • Rail Floor Straightening System

Product Description

Auto body floor pulling system/modular rail frame strainghtening system

The floor pulling system with modular rails cement into the floor for auto body collision frame straightening repair.

  • The auto body floor pulling system is designed  for collision repair of any damaged vehicles with rocker (sill) panel.

  • Modular rails can be mounted on the ground or under the ground. Modular system allows easily assemble one or more bays of desired dimension.

  • Rail frame can be made 4000×6000mm, 4500×7000mm, or tailored to your body shop size.

  • The unique fixture clamp design allows using special adaptors for securing rocker (sill) panel; adaptors fasten on the tower with bracket or chock.

  • CELLETE anchoring clamp height can be adjusted for positioning, locking, supporting function.

  • Pulling tower can be fixed in any place of the frame with keys and pins.Adjustable collars allow accurately adjust pulling directions. Frame straightening and pulling can be proceeded in any directions.

  • Pulling tower is equipped with 10T hydraulic ram, it is powerful and high efficient.

  • 5M pulling chains keeps universal pulling capacity.

  • Beyond pulling and straightening, the frame can connect with measuring system.

  • Besides collision frame pulling and alignment, the modular rail floor straightening system can be used for spare parts assembly, repair and maintenance.

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