Floor Straightening System for Heavy Duty Vehicles

Name:Floor Straightening System for Heavy Duty Vehicles
​Modular floor frame:
Frame press:
Cab bench:
Cab tower:

  • Floor Straightening System for Heavy Duty Vehicles

Product Description

Straightening system for heavy duty vehicles

The floor straightening systems for heavy equipment trucks and buses collision repair,composed of Modular floor frame,Frame press,Cab bench,Cab tower

Part One: Modular Floor Frame

Fixed modular frame in-floor installation, converting your workshop floor to a giant straightening system, all damaged heavy duty vehicles access to the floor beams easily

Frame dimensions:

16000×4500mm (4718mm)

16000×5500mm (5718mm)

Part Two: Frame Press

The frame straightening system can align and straighten the frames of trucks, buses, even 60 Ton trailers. 

The frame press sets consists of three 20 Ton press/pull trolley with all brackets, allowing both pressing and pulling all in high strength steel to perform sideway correction. Two flex foot kits together with the anchoring enable you to correct vertical bends and chassis twist.

The press trolley is on wheels and easily operated by a single mechanic.

The frame press got good user experience of BENZ, VOLVO,SCANIA, HINO,IVECO, DAF, RENAULT, MAN, FORD, ISUZU. 

straightening system for trucks.jpg

Part Three: Cab bench

The cab bench consists of one rigid base anchoring into the I beam or the floor with expansion bolts. Heavily damaged vehicle cab can be positioned onto the bench too thanks to the movable jig fixtures. 

Cab chassis structure can be hydraulically straightened with movable 10 Ton hydraulic ram equipped on the bench.

Cab bench acts like one strong and stable positioning system simplifying the cab repair. Movable mounting points enables even severely damaged cab mounted easily. The cab base can be straightened or pressed into original position.

Over 60 different adapters option for MERCEDES, VOLVO, SCANIA, HINO , RENAULT, MAN, IVECO, DAF, FORD etc.

Straightening trolleys, cab tower, stays and other special accessories optional for straightening and repairing cab vertical frame members and roof section.

cab bench 2 (1).jpg

Part Four: Cab tower

Two alternative solutions for your repair workshop: floor or I beam anchoring. The Cab tower is a special straightening equipment for damaged cab, coach body and other heavy duty vehicles.

Cab tower, chains, anchoring beam and cab bench are mounted into your workshop floor easily with floor anchors. Floor anchoring installation is convenient for minor damage repair.

Anchoring holders same as frame press, cab tower fastened into the I-beam anchoring easily with sample twist.

Cab tower can be mounted onto cab bench directly with nose brackets for cab straightening.

Modular floor frame

Frame press

Cab bench

Cab tower

You can make options as your workshop or your actual repair service demand.

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