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  • Porta Power Jack

Product Description

10 Ton portable hydraulic auto body dent frame repair kit porta power jack

10 Ton portable power hydraulic jack kit for lifting, pushing, pulling, straightening, spreading and bending works in auto body and frame repair.

Features and benefits:

1.The porta power jack can be used for collision repair work.

2.Comes with a polished hydraulic ram and cylinder to reduce abrasion.

3.Snap lock design for easy setup and use.

4.Kits feature snaptogether pipework for speed and threaded attachments for strength.

5.Automatic pump overloaded system protects against damage to rams and equipment.

6.Connecting parts are zinc or cad plated for long, rust-free life.

7.Long handle means less pumping effort needed.

8.Heavy duty walled extension tubes to withstand the heaviest weights.

9.Allows for bodywork structures to be returned to their original shapes.

10.All attachments interchange with other popular makes so you can use your existing equipment.

porta power auto body frame repair kit

  • Auto body frame repair tool kit

  • Easy to assemble and use

  • Used for automotive, truck, farm, heavy equipment repair

  • Good tool kit for auto body repair, frame repair and construction job

  • 10 Ton Porto power Jack, hand pump

Porto power Jack specification




Loading capacity

10 Ton

4 Ton

Piston rod height (lowest)



Piston rod stroke






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