Auto Body Frame Machine Tram Gauge

Name:Auto Body Frame Machine Tram Gauge

  • Auto Body Frame Machine Tram Gauge

Product Description

Mechanical measuring tram gauge, auto body frame machine tram gauge

Measuring principle: The left-right symmetric comparison method and the three-point one-line observation method. The measuring instrument can measure the height difference of the left and right parts of the chassis very intuitively and exactly, and can measure whether the center line of the car chassis is uniform.

auto body measuring tram gauge.jpg

  • Small and light, operation easily and quickly.

  • The telescoping tram gauge is made of precision aluminum alloy with custom horizontal grooves for horizontal adjustment.

  • For auto body frame and chassis measuring

  • Laser engraved ruler scale for durability.

  • The retractable magnetic probe can be firmly attached to various positioning holes.

  • Used to measure all vehicles chassis and auto body frame

  • Different sizes magnetic probes to match positioning holes

auto body gauge.jpg

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