• car-scissor-lift

Product Description

Car Scissor lift

This is one high configuration car full-rise scissor lift, it not only lift your cars to height for your workshop repair job, but also can be added one pulling tower to handle auto body or frame straightening repair.

Features and benefits:

1. Universal hydraulic scissor lifting table 

2. Optional pulling system to upgrade to be frame straightener

3. On ground installation.

4. 3650mm length frame rack

5. 1600mm hydraulic lifting platform height to meet any car repairs and maintenance work.

6. 120mm wheel stop chocks and ramps.

7. Automatic air locking and relief device.

8. Cylinder with parachute valve protection.

9. 24V low voltage control with up position limit switch.

Add pulling tower, the car scissor lift can be updated to one straightening frame machine:


Optional pulling system accessories :

1. 10ton pulling tower.

2. Tool board with anchoring clamps and chains.

3. Car Chassis clamping kits.

4. Lifting pads.

5. Magnetic measuring kit.

6. Loading stands.

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