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Hydraulic scissor lift table

With the increase in the number of new energy vehicles and the increase in the age of the vehicles, the maintenance demand for new energy vehicles has also seen a spurt of growth. Are you ready in the face of this new market? Is your workshop equipped with a lifting platform or lift table for disassembling new energy vehicle battery packs and batteries?

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The scissor lift table can help you disassemble and install battery packs, motors, and any heavier vehicle parts, making your repairs easier.


The scissor lift platform not only for new energy cars battery packs disassembly and repair, but also for fuel-fueled engines, gearboxes, fuel tanks and other heavy weight parts.

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The lifting capacity of the car scissor lift table is 1200kg, which can meet the disassembly and installation requirements of most battery packs on the market. The table is densely designed with positioning holes to facilitate the fixing of the professional maintenance bracket. Through the brackets, the service technicians can carry out various special maintenance.

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Taking into account the unevenness of your workshop floor and the car spare parts themselves, the car lift table can be fine-tuned at any angle within a certain range , facilitating the disassembly and positioning of different components.

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The car lift table is compact in structure, small in floor space, can be placed in the corner when not in use, and its platform can be pulled to maximize the use of the area.

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The car lift table is easy to operate, the lifting and falling of the table is controlled by one hand remote control absorbed onto the table. And the emergency button is available to avoid an accident.

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In addition, it has a number of high-protection and safety design, a durable and safe mechanical lock, and a hydraulic explosion-proof valve that prevents the pipe from bursting. Double-layer steel oil pipe that has been tested for 3 minutes at 40 MPa (2 times normal maximum pressure), 24V safe operating voltage.

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